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Sep 15 - Sep 22 Palm Springs, CA
Sep 22 - Sep 24 Los Angeles, CA
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37 Y/O
6'0" - 180 cm
180lbs - 81 kg
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24 Mar, 2008
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Acompanhante | Modelagem | Massagem Erótica | Massagem corporal | Disponível para vídeos | Experiência de namorado | Stripping
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Anal | Pelos corporais | Pés | Beijar | Porra | Mamilos | Fax de Conta | Espancar | Ursoes | Punho | Prepúcio | Atletas | Couro | Músculo | botão de rosa/cunete | Tatuagens | Verbal | Oral | Daddy | Grupos | Brinquedos
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Acompanhante gay em Palm Springs, CA
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Sobre mim

Porn Model JD Daniels Visiting PS Til 9/22


🚨Over 300 outstanding 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 reviews here on Rentmen.com, and still climbing 😁🎆.

🚨Multi Award Winner of the 2018 and 2019 Ravens Eden Awards which includes 2018 and 2019 "Best Actor - TOP🏆" and "Best Cock"🏆, along with the 2018 "Smooth and Sexy" Award🏆.

Goodlooking| 6'0" | 160lbs | Black Male | Brown Eyes | Athletic Build🏋️‍♀️ | Shaved Body | 100% Hung TOTAL TOP with a 10x5c "shoe" made to satisfy you to perfection - more ways then one of course😉😉. Down-to-earth, fun, friendly, Drama-free, Professional, Open-minded, Humble, and Kind-hearted. Disease free, and on Prep. Tested monthly👍👍. Open to all race, build, and size.

🚨Available for SOLO or DUO meetings with my wonderful, gorgeous😍❤, and sexy husband 😍❤(TWILLCOX here on Rentmen) whenever were together in the same location. My husband main home🏠 base currently is in Palm Springs, CA.


*Upcoming Travel:
PALM SPRINGS, CA - 9/15-9/22
LOS ANGELES, CA - 9/22-9/24

Thank you kindly for viewing my profile here on RM, and looking forward to meeting in the near future.

JD Daniels

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Prezado RentMen.com.br Visitantes, Recentemente JDDanielsXXX escolheu responder a perguntas da entrevista e foi atualizado pela última .

  • Conte-nos um pouco sobre si mesmo, se você fosse escolher algo, o que você gostaria que os outros absolutamente soubessem sobre você?

    Seriously I'm your overall, easy-going nice guy who isn't full of himself or about drama. I don't care for drama, and don't have a care to be around it. I was raised growing up to treat others the way you would want to be treated, and do carry that belief in my everyday life. I'm about having fun, exploring new and different adventures this world has to offer. It's all about enjoying and living life to the fullest as were never promised tomorrow. One thing about me people don't know is: I love kids, and give every month a certain portion of my tips to children's hospitals and adult healthcare foundations across the globe. I believe in giving and not always taking. Been very blessed and fortunate in my life, and think of those in this world who are not as fortunate as us. Been taught when you give to those in need you'll be blessed 10 times more than what you gave, and am a witness to that as I have been blessed with the best by being a kind person giving back into the community in however way I can possible. :). Be a blessing to those who have been a blessing to you in return - especially to our kids of tomorrow who are up and coming of the new generation who need a helping hand.

  • Quais são seus hobbies, o que você gosta de fazer em seu tempo livre?

    1.Home Décor. Just moved into a luxurious high-rise penthouse overlooking the entire Atlanta Buckhead/Midtown skyline, and enjoying currently decorating it on my spare time whenever I take a day off from working or not on the road constantly. Moved in about 4 months ago, and still getting settled in trying to decorate more. Everything is coming along quite nicely, and can't wait to entertain a lot of my clients, close friends, and family soon. As a southern I tend to entertain a lot of my clients - especially those long-term clients I'm very close to. Less worry of them having to book a hotel or resort where they can have it camping out with me. Smile.

    2. I love to try out different restaurants thought-out Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, Europe, Australia - all over the world as I have been to many, and know good eats.

    3. Hanging out with Family and close friends

    4. Love to cook. Yes guys - I can get down in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom. It's an honor to cook for my clients. What brings a smile to my face is when my guys enjoy my cooking. Sometimes to win a man's heart is food that is well prepared with a little TLC. We southern boys tend to think that way.

  • Como você dá o melhor na sua vida?

    I tend to make the experience a client has with me not all about business, but about getting to know them, and what turns them on by making they're fantasy - a reality. Again - it's about pleasing them - not me. I enjoy making my clients happy, and that's more of a bigger reward then any tip can ever provide is to see my client walk out of that door with a smile on his face.

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