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Conheça um pouco mais sobre a personalidade e preferências do acompanhanate que você está revendo para poder decidir se entrar em contato.

Apenas RentMen dá aos acompanhantes ou massagistas uma opção para lhe fornecer uma entrevista pessoal em suas próprias palavras para que você possa tomar uma decisão melhor com base no que ele diz sobre si mesmo. Leia sobre seu ponto de vista pessoal, aprenda o que ele pensa sobre seu trabalho, o que ele faz em seu tempo livre e como ele quer que você se sinta depois de passar algum tempo juntos.

Esses caras são muito mais do que fotos e descrições - somente RentMen lhe dá a chance de descobrir a um lado deles você pode achar muito interessante! Conheça-o antes de ligar!

Minha Entrevista

Caros Visitantes do RentMen, Recentemente MensMassager escolheu responder 11 de perguntas da entrevista e foi atualizada pela última vez em .

  • Quais são as especificidades de seu estilo de vida que fazem quem você é?

    Health, and exercise. sleeping until I want to wake up. lol

  • Conte-nos sobre a melhor experiência que você teve na vida.

    I just graduated high school, and I had my own big house, where I would throw 100-200 people parties, and it was the time of my life. I want to get back to that place one day of hosting big social events. I am an extrovert so that is a big goal of mine.

  • O que o distingue de todas as outras pessoas que você conhece?

    I would say it is my outlook on life. I don't share a lot of the same sentiments that the general populace would have. I have broadened my horizon past the notions of what the media has so eloquently portrayed as what is normal for this human experience. I am very non-judgemental. Whether that is when I am meeting someone for the first time, or whether its if I am in a new situation. My vision is broaden and not burdened by the narrowness that comes with judges people, places, and things.

  • O que você diria que são seus maiores atributos e / ou especialidade / especialidades?

    I have gotten into a serious car accident. I was in a wheel chair for 11 months. That experience forced me to learn about healing, and physical therapy in general because no one will be as good of a doctor to you than you. Doctors won't do much except give you drugs or refer you out to a physical therapist. Once you go to the physical therapist its a crap shoot if you get a good one that will actually touch your body, and do work on you. I was forced out of necessity to learn these skills, and now I can sprint again. This experience has in a way given me a career path to follow. Because now my only dream is to be a healer, and to help people with their injuries whether that be physical through diet, physical therapy, massage, and personal training, OR whether its emotional healing through cuddling, and body contact. Yes, I believe to be very spiritually healing, because we don't get enough of it through the social constructs that existent within our society. If you look at the animal kingdom though all pack animals, which is what humans are, cuddle/lay next to one another, groom each other, and just be in close proximity to one another in general. We sleep alone every nite

  • Quais são seus hobbies, o que você gosta de fazer em seu tempo livre?

    I read new health journals and answer health related questions on Quora. I have been known to get into some heated debates on different health subjects. HAHA I also like to read about new age anti-aging strategies. I say new age because a lot of the information that was put out 20 years ago has been delegated to sudo-science at this point in our current paradigm we are in. That could change however as some scientific paradigms do. We did all use to think the earth was flat!!

    I also enjoy reading books, and working out. Some of my two strongest healthy habits that I have maintained over the years. Disclaimer: not as well as I would have hoped haha.

    I really enjoy biking, and taking little mini trip down to Mexico. Binge watch nextflix sometimes can't lie lol some of the shows on there are crazy addicting tho. lol

  • Que tipo de regime de dieta e fitness você segue?

    I am glad that RentMen has this as a question because it allows me to explain what I do for my clients. For some of my clients I do meal prepping for them shirtless. Its a fun way for us to hang out where you actually get some value out of paying for someone's time. Friendship, good company, prepared food, and knowledge that will last a life time.

    So what do I eat:
    I eat a "low inflammation diet" which are foods that are not disruptive to the intestinal lining of the stomach. Why?
    For starters: I want you to imagine that you go back in time 50k years ago, before the invention of industrial agriculture, and you are in a forest.. What would you eat in that forest? Probably, what you could get your hands on like an animal, some vegetables, and fruits. Its not complicated on what to eat; meat, vegetables, and fruit and not all at the same time. I believe in eating foods that digest well together, a concept called "food combining." I also evaluate your current food intake, and instead of being a Nazi about it, by saying no to everything; I take you to the grocery store and show you slightly healthier options, so that way you aren't using will power trying to change existing habits

  • Qual é o seu "nicho"?

    I actually provide a good massage, and I have a lot of good knowledge to share about health, healing, and wellness. I am a very fair in my dealings. My dad was the same way. The best strategy, according to Game Theory mechanics, is to go Tit For Tat with people. Google if you don't know the terminology. So, always expect to get what you paid for with me. It's mathematically proven to be the best strategy for your encounters and dealings with other humans.

  • Se nós sentamos na praia e bebemos vinho e comemos boa comida só você e eu, o que você iria me dizer sobre você e sua vida?

    Well first off, I don't drink alcohol, and don't want to hang out with folks while they are trying to get their drink on. I probably wouldn't tell much about myself because I would take a general interest in your life, and listen to your stories. I feel I learn for far more in this way, and most people are so self absorbed that when they meet someone that isn't they can't help but to be delighted in their presence.

  • O que os outros deveriam saber absolutamente sobre você?

    I rarely get offended, or mad. Pretty much a go with the flow kind of guy. We are all going to die one day... While you are alive, however how do you want to live?? I know how I want to live, and that is free of anger and anxiety; relaxed and at peace. I want to be in service to others and to my local and global communities. Freed from the rapture of greed and hedonistic pursuits. A beacon of inspiration for those suffering and selfless in my actions to help them.

  • O que você mais gosta em si mesmo?

    I am a people pleaser, which makes me likeable to a lot of people. I am also a very agreeable person, so I am the classic "YES MAN" which creates a lot of unique experiences for me and since I am not judgemental I learn a lot of new things in this way.

    I rarely get offended, or mad. Pretty much a go with the flow kind of guy. We are all going to die one day... While you are alive, however how do you want to live?? I know how I want to live, and that is free of anger and anxiety; relaxed and at peace. I want to be in service to others and to my local and global communities. Freed from the rapture of greed and hedonistic pursuits. A beakon of inspiration for those suffering

  • Quais são 5 coisas que você não pode viver sem?

    Exercise, books, tacos, good friends, and living and feeling safe within a community. Police are the real hero's. Not the military!! What are your thoughts? Love this as a conversation starter!!